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Affordable College Student Car Insurance Options

What is the cheapest car insurance for students?

If you are a college or high school student who is on the lookout for a cheap student auto insurance policy then you may take advantage of our specialist services online. We specialize in helping people to find affordable car coverage.

Normally, it’s difficult to locate a student car cover for a lower premium. But with our assistance you will find it much easier to search low cost auto insurance for students. To know more about our help, apply online now!

Our student car insurance policies include:

  • Thefts cover with comprehensive policies
  • Accidental damage covers with comprehensive policies
  • Easy and effective claims process
  • Best discount for college student
  • Select insurance with safety feature

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What All Does A College Student Car Insurance Cover?

Finding the Best Car Insurance Companies For College Students!

If you are currently insured under your parent’s car insurance policy then the level of car coverage is likely to depend on what they have opted for. Mostly such policies include coverage for some basic liabilities mandated by state laws. Besides, some students, who are out to buy college student auto insurance, also choose to get only minimum coverage with the intention of saving money. However, for securing better financial protection, it could be advisable to buy additional car coverage like:

At IGlobeInsurance Car Insurance, we may help you to get additional auto insurance coverage for college students. However, for securing better financial protection, it could be advisable to buy additional car coverage like:

  • Collision Cover: Provides compensation for damages caused to the car in the event of an accident regardless of who is at fault.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Cover: Offers compensation to an uninsured or underinsured motorist who gets involved in an accident with your car.
  • Medical Payments Cover: Offers coverage for medical treatments to you as well as victims should accident take place involving your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Car Cover: This is a cover which is over and above collision cover for damages to car in situations like fire, theft, vandalism, rioting, storms, etc.

Ways To Secure Low Cost Car Insurance For Students

Top tips for Cheap Student Auto Insurance

It could be perfectly possible to qualify for a student discount on car insurance if you consider the below mentioned factors.

  • Secure Good Grades: Students who maintain an average B grade on a consistent basis can get a discount up to 15% on auto insurance premiums.
  • Take Safe Driving Course: One can save money on car insurance for student drivers by taking a defensive driver’s course from a government approved institute.
  • Get Safety Features Installed: Student drivers can save some additional money on auto insurance premiums if they install safety devices like security alarms or side airbags in their vehicles.
  • Choose A Higher Deductible: It is possible to obtain lower student car insurance rates by raising deductibles but by doing so, one must be ready to pay money from his own pocket if an accident takes place.
  • Consider Buying A Used Vehicle: By purchasing an old used car, you can secure a much lower premium on your auto insurance cover.

Best Car Insurance Rates

Determine Eligibility For Student Discount Car Insurance To Lower Premium

List of some common discounts offered on auto insurance for college students:

  • Good grades in academics
  • Excellent driving record
  • Defensive driving course
  • Student alumni discounts

Some other additional student discount on car insurance:

  • Credit Union special premium rates
  • Qualify for multi-car insurance discount
  • Get discount by installing anti-theft devices in car
  • Discount for cars with anti-Lock breaking systems
  • The car has safety features like side airbags or seatbelts
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How To Find Affordable Car Insurance For College Students

The best car insurance for students is one that provides sufficient coverage for liability risks, bodily injuries, collision as well as other potentially damaging risks at a premium which is easily affordable. That is precisely the reason why you need to shop and compare features offered as well as premium rates charged by several top rated insurers. Every auto insurance provider uses different parameters for assessing risks based on young drivers past driving records, type of cars being driven and location of residence. It is therefore, recommended that you compare free quotes secured from at least 4 to 5 local insurers.

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