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IGlobe is one of the most trusted and highly rated commercial insurance companies. We provide over one million commercial vehicles among hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the country. Visit IGlobe Commercial Insurance for more details on all our commercial products. Here is the list of our commercial insurance packages that you can choose from:


We Are The Largest Commercial Auto Insurer With More Than 1 Million Commercial Vehicles

Choosing a commercial vehicle insurance coverage that meets your specific needs is essential to protect your business and your income. A commercial auto insurance quote usually includes Liability, Physical Damage, Medical Payments, Injury Protection, Car Leased, Non-Owner Coverage, All Automobile, All Commercial Coverage.

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IGlobe Truck Insurance

Get A Commercial Truck Insurance Quote Today From The Best Commercial Truck Insurer In The World

In recent years, IGlobe has become the best commercial truck insurance company offering flexible coverage and payment options, free deposits, specialized heavy truck claims, discounts and expert support. We operate many types of trucks in all states and specialize in insurance: owner-operators, road carriers, and private carriers.

Commercial Van Insurance

Get A Quote Online, And We'll Probably Make Your Commercial Van Today

Whether you're driving a delivery van or owning a small fleet of vans, it's important to make sure your business and vehicles are protected by commercial van insurance. For us, the terms "business vans" and "commercial vans" are interchangeable. Call it what you want, and we will do it. The corporate and trucking insurance policies we offer include vans, vans, and minivans.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance for Small Business

Commercial auto policies cover cars, vans, trucks, and trailers used in your business. Coverage will reimburse you if your vehicles are damaged or stolen or if the driver injures a person or property. Protect your business and commercial vehicles and Get customized coverage for your business car from One of the most trusted and reliable commercial insurers.

Box Truck Insurance

Get a Box Truck Insurance Quote Online Today

Many independent companies and truckers use a van truck to carry out their business operations. Moving companies, retail carriers, and couriers are examples of companies that use a tanker truck. Regardless of the reason why your business uses van trucks, you need to make sure that they are fully protected with commercial auto insurance.

IGlobe Towing Insurance

Secure Your Business And Protect What You Are Towing With IGlobe Liability Insurance. Personalized Cover For Towing Companies

A towing business is a business that earns income by towing or repairing broken vehicles, operating a repair shop, or doing repossession work. If this is part of your business, we can provide you with the right breakdown insurance. Here are some examples of companies that need commercial towing insurance: road service providers, automobile club contractors, rotary tugs, body shops, auto mechanic repairs, gas stations, automotive vehicles rescue and trucks.

Dump Truck Insurance

Get A Personalized Dump Truck Insurance With Special Options, Whether You Operate Locally Or On The Road

For an aggregator carrier that is leased to a highway carrier, your motor carrier can provide you with primary liability insurance for your dump truck while you are at work. Probably, you have to find your own physical damage insurance (covering damage to your vehicle).

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There are different types of Commercial Business Insurance Coverage here are the Best types you can select from:

Get the right coverage for your small business from minimal coverage to specialized protection, our flexible options allow you to insure your business accurately for every stage of your business development.

Accidents, illnesses, lawsuits ... If you are in business, you are exposed. Although the number of risks you are exposed to is almost unlimited, you may only need some basic safeguards to get started. For example General Liability Insurance - All small businesses, old and new, require general liability insurance. It is the basic protection of liability that protects against things like accidents, injuries, property damage and lawsuits. Commercial Auto Insurance - If you use vehicles for work, you will need commercial auto insurance to be fully covered. Personal policies do not generally cover work-related incidents. You will save up to 5% if you combine this with general responsibility.

General Liability Insurance

The Foundation For Protecting The Responsibility Of Small Businesses, Protect Your Business From Liability Claims

General Liability Insurance, often referred to as Commercial General Liability Insurance, is a cover that can protect you from a variety of claims, including bodily injury, property damage, bodily injury and others that may arise from your activities. Commercial. General liability insurance quotes generally include: bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury and advertising, medical payments, completed products operations and damage to premises rented to you.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Protect Your Business From Employee Injuries And Illnesses, Get Comp's Workers For Your Small Business

Workers 'Compensation Insurance (Workers' Compensation Insurance) is a type of compulsory insurance for many companies. Get an insurance quote comp workers with the IGlobe business program and better protect your business from medical costs and some of the lost wages for an employee who gets injured or gets sick at work.

Commercial Property Insurance

Property Insurance Pays For Loss And Damage To Real Or Personal Property. For Example, A Property Insurance Policy Would Cover The Damage Caused By The Fire To Your Office Space.

Property insurance protects your company's buildings and personal content inside them. Many products/carriers offer additional coverage for loss of rent, business interruption, inflation guards, etc. Even if you do not own the building you occupy, you should buy an insurance policy to insure your personal content. Most insurance policies will have deductibles, co-insurance, and a total insurable value.

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Contractors Insurance

Get Overall Responsibility As A Stand-Alone Coverage, Entrepreneur Insurance Made Easy Avoid Dealing With Multiple Companies And Contacts

Thanks to IGlobe’s business program, you could get a general liability insurance policy, workplace accident insurance, and commercial auto insurance - all in one place. This helps reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple businesses and contacts to buy and maintain your contractor's insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Protection Of Liability For Advice And Services, Protect Yourself From Costly Mistakes

Also known as Errors and Omissions, professional liability insurance protects your business against negligence claims related to professional service.

Who needs professional liability insurance?

Small businesses that provide professional services or advice clients should consider buying professional liability insurance. It provides protection when a business owner is sued for negligence because his work does not meet customer expectations. Professional liability insurance may also be required by small business customers when entering into a contract.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

Business Protection with Responsibility + Property + More. The policy of IGlobe business owners

Get general responsibility, workers' compensation, property protection and more - all in one place

A simple definition of BDP may contain only a few covers, such as General Liability - Provides protection if you cause bodily injury, property damage, bodily injury, or damage to advertising. Property - Provides replacement cost coverage for the buildings and personal property of most business owners. Professional Responsibility - Do you provide professional advice or do you provide professional service? If so, you should probably have professional liability insurance. This can be approved at your BOP.

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